HISTORY - Clark's Outpost Texas BBQ - Tioga, TX

Clark's Outpost BBQ History

Clark's Outpost was founded in 1974 by the late Warren Clark. We are approximately 50 miles North of Dallas on U.S. Highway 377 located in Tioga Texas, the birthplace of the legendary singing cowboy Gene Autry.

Tioga is a small town with a laidback attitude and that's how we do things at Clark's. Our cooking style is a slow process, it takes eight hours just to smoke our Ribs, Brisket will be on the smoker for three and a half days. Turkeys and other products fall somewhere in between. You see Warren grew up in the days when people had an Old Smoke House out back, where it might take a week or more to cook and cure meats. It was his belief, and ours now, that for the product to really be good and true you have to take your time.

We have been fortunate enough to be listed or featured in some of the top books, magazines and news organizations over the years. Some of these include Zagat, Travel and Leisure, Texas Highways, Gourmet, Bon Appetite, Southern Living, Ride Magazine, and People Magazine who ranked us one of the Top 10 Barbecue places in the country. The list goes on from articles in The Dallas Morning News to appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS, I don't think we've been on FOX or UPN, at least not YET!

Many of our customers include celebrities, from models to sports stars, some of the top chefs, actors and actresses, or the folks that clean out the horse stalls at the local ranches. In other words you never know what or who you might find here. On occasion we'll have a helicopter land across the street from us, or the train will stop and the guys will come in and get something to eat. Once we had as many as five Helicopters and the train stop all at the same time. That would have made a great commercial. When the weather is nice you could find a dozen or more Harley's in the parking lot along with a few horse and boat trailers.

None of this is really all that important to us so even if you never starred in a movie, played sports or don't own a Harley, Helicopter or Train ya'll more than welcome to come by and visit with us. Who knows you might get hungry while you're here.