Hickory smoked barbecue

Hickory smoked barbecue beef brisket: that's what we're best known for (Average 6lbs to 8lbs). Slow smoked for three and a half days. This tender, smoke infused brisket will melt in your mouth.
Brisket on its way to freezer for cool downClark's slow smoked barbecue brisket

Flat Boneless Pit Hams: Why pay for the bone?

This is one of the finest hams we've found. We add our hickory smoke for flavoring, but don't know of any other way to improve on it. It's great by its self, but if you got a little extra you can throw it in a skillet in the morning for that great country breakfast.

Flat boneless hickory smoked pit hams Here we've cut one so you can see for yourself how pretty and pink they are.

Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast: This is one of the finest ya'll ever sink your teeth into. Cured with our own mixture of salts and brown sugar this here bird is moist and tender even after smoking for a day and a half on our smokers.

Hickory smoked turkey breast These guys just got put in the freezer to stop'm from cooking.

St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs: These babies are hand rubbed with our own Clark's Barbecue Sauce and then given a good sprinkling of our Ole #8 Rib Rub. Smoked for eight hours these are tender, lean and moist all in one. Ya'll may ask why not baby backs, but once ya'll taste the difference ya'll know.

St. Louis cut pork ribs The average weight for these fellows is a little over a pound.

Working to keep up the slow smoked tradition started by Warren Clark